About us

Babel Arts Management is a booking company based in the beautiful city of Barcelona, has been established in order to connect different cultures and to create new values. A link between Spain and the Babel art Camp in Hungary on the southern shore of Lake Balaton where chance will be given to artists (musicians, dancers, actors, acrobats or representatives of any other art) to establish cultural ties with each other and with the participants, through workshops and master classes, provided by the professional knowledge and the inspiring environment.

Our goal is to strengthen a transnational cultural network system, and to create the opportunity for artists in possession of proficiency to meet and learn from each other, to share their knowledge and ideas with those who are seeking for open-mindness, creation and professional education,and last but not least, to give the possibility and tools to let new and innovativ coproductions come into being.

Luiz MurĂ¡
Ernesto Vargas
Event production, logistics

Silas Redondo

Babel Arts Management SL

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