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MiraMundo (worldmusic)


MiraMundo - Connecting cultures that seem distant

Barcelona represents a Mecca of music: an interactive environment where musicians from Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America gather to create unique music from this city. MiraMundo members are united by freedom, the courage to overcome any borders, the love for multiculturalism and a global understanding of their own traditions.

The band was formed by the Brazilian-Portuguese-Japanese-Italian songwriter Luiz Murá, together with four musicians, all of different nationalities. MiraMundo songs present intimate stories about love, travel experiences and feelings, while mixing diverse genres: bossa nova, Mexican mariachi, samba, Italian and Gypsy songs or African traditions, all these blended into a balanced flow of gentle rhythms and strong melodies, sung in five different languages.


MiraMundo are:

Luiz Murá (Brasil)  - voice, viola caipira, charango and guitar
Agostino Aragno (Italy-Spain) - voice and violin
Ernesto Vargas Aguila (Mexico-Nicaragua) - voice, bass and double bass
Marina Curbelo (Catalonia-Canary Islands) - voice and percussion
Marion Candela (France-Spain) and Isis Alegria (Chile) voice and percussion


Media coverage:

"Miramundo is indeed sensitive, serene and soothing. It reveals its dreams, narrates its journeys". 
Rhythm Passport (London, UK).


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Web: http://www.miramundomusica.com