Babel Nights Barcelona: SAffrAn + Orquestra Basarab + Heiða Björg & the Kaos

The venue Tradicionàrius (CAT) hosts the sixth edition of the Babel Nights on June 22. A meeting point to learn new sounds of the world.

A captivating atmosphere

On May 25 we enjoyed the 5th edition of Babel Nights Barcelona and a new and charming musical display with three extraordinary bands.

Babel Nights Barcelona - 5th Edition

Uniting cultures through music and arts! Babel Nights Barcelona returns on May 25.

A whole night of live world, greek and mediterranean music at Tradicionarius!

On April 13 at the Center Artesà Tradicionàrius a new trio of fantastic bands took over our senses in the 4th edition of the Babel Nights Barcelona festival.

Babel Nights Barcelona - 4th Edition

Babel Nights will host its 4th event on April 13.

A fusion of electro-rock and the sound of Iceland - Heida Björg & the Kaos debuts new album

The icelandic band celebrates its 10th anniversary with an album debut concert in Paris.

Melodies from Senegal, spanish tunes and catalan vibes

This was the 3rd Edition of Babel Nights Barcelona.

Babel Nights in Barcelona - again!

Babel Nights is back in Barcelona for its 3rd edition.

This was the second edition of Babel Nights Barcelona

Babel Nights lit up Barcelona once again with a colorful and fun evening.

Babel Nights Barcelona - 2nd Edition

Babel Nights will host its 2nd event on January 26.

This was the first edition of Babel Nights Barcelona

The Babel Nights concert series kicked off with a successful event at Tradicionarius!

The first-ever Babel Nights - in Barcelona!

We are excited to announce that our first-ever Babel Nights will be held in Barcelona on November 24!

Spanish artists about Babel Sound

Here we go with an impressing video created by Spanish artists, where they share their thoughts and memories of Babel Sound 2016! Check out why this is "the best festival that one can attend as a musician or as public".

Amariszi's new CD is out now!

The 3rd album of the Balkan beats band from Holland has been released under the title Babel Fish, which remembers the hungarian Babel Sound Festival's feeling. You can hear the Balkan signature, which is cleverly and refreshingly interspersed with pop, reggae and swing.

Babel Sound experiences 2016


Between the 19th and24th of July 2016 the Babel Sound Interactive World Music Festival in Balatonboglár/Hungary hosted performers from twenty countries of the world. The main concept of the Festival was to be an interactive meeting point of various cultures. The strongest presence was shown by the Spanish culture: 16 Spanish bands and performances with more than 50 artists took part in the Babel Sound in 2016. A lot of artists appreciated the Festival as the best music event they have ever attended.

WOMEX 2016 - we have been there


Babel Arts Management has participated at WOMEX, between the 19th-23th of October, 2016, in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, and at the Fira Valenciana de la Música, en Castellón de la Plana, Spain, between the 11th-13th of November. We are proud and grateful for having been part of these prestigious events.

WOMEX 2016


The World Music Expo will be presented in Santiago de Compostela, Spain in October 19 to 21. We are proud to be a part of this prestigious event as exhibitor, just like last year in Budapest.

Babel Arts stand number WOMEX 2016: 2.62 We hope we'll see you there.



Entre el 19 y el 24 de julio, el Festival Mundial de Música Inteactiva Babel Sound en Balatonboglár, Hungría, acercó músicos de más de veinte países del mundo. El objetivo es que Babel sea un punto de encuentro de culturas diferentes y de personas creativas. Todos ellos son verdaderos representantes de sus países, con la misión de conocer y transmitir su patrimonio cultural y de profundizar el respeto mutuo. La presencia más fuerte fue mostrado por España: 16 bandas y más de 50 artistas españoles han participado en el Festival en Hungría en 2016. Muchos artistas apreció el Festival como el mejor evento musical en el que alguna vez han asistido.